Get out your paper knives and warm up the copy machine. The Open Call for Books is open.

Since the beginning of the Floating Library in 2013, the Open Call has provided the paddling public with exquisite and surprising works of book art.  The response from artists far and wide who are willing to donate their works to the FL’s collection is what has made this project a success.  Thank you, brave artists everywhere, for making beautiful things in the first place and sharing them, generously, with us.

Whether you’ve submitted before, or this is your first time, take a read through the “guidelines” as a few things have changed. We also have some specific, yet optional, themes we’re focusing on this year, including:

  • water (well, always…)
  • fishing
  • Lake Phalen and St. Paul’s immigrant history
  • the environment / climate change

We’re also looking for artist-made books that are kid friendly.  (Not regular children’s books, lovely as they may be.)

The deadline for submissions is June 15, but books will be accepted on a rolling basis until then.  If you have questions about the submission process or if you want to talk about a book project you have in the works, email:

The result of 2015's Open Call for books.

The result of 2015’s Open Call for books.






  1. Happy Sunday, Sara! My name is Darlene Mondloch Zurawski (dari) and I would like to participate in the Floating Library by writing a
    children’s story for your 2016 project. Last month I visited the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge with the Photo Club that is active at Silverwood Park. I came across a Snapping Turtle who was very photogetic and we established a bond as he made his way from a swampy ditch, across the road, and into the water on the other side. I have named him ” Buster the Magnificent” and would like to create a story
    based on that encounter. I have four great photos to incorporate in to the book. If it all sounds intriguing to you I will get started writing! dari

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