Photo by David Eberhardt.

Photo by David Eberhardt.

Hooray! Thanks to many generous individuals, the FL’s final funding push made its goal this weekend. Now we’re set to gather up the Knight Foundation matching dollars. There’s a bit of paperwork ahead, but that can’t be harder than towing a raft with a canoe full of books in the wind during a downpour.




Final push for funding this summer’s Floating Library adventures


Drawing to live music at the Floating & Drawing Fundraiser on March 5. Photo by Jonathan Loyche.

The ice is off the lakes and while the wind is still chilly, the bright spring light signals hope for warmer days. Tulips are coming up under the canoe in the back yard. Time to get in gear to get on the water!

I’m happy to report that the Floating & Drawing Fundraiser I co-hosted in early March with my friends The Drawing Project was a great success. The afternoon was a bustle of activity, the tacos were delicious, the music was energizing and inspiring, the rare on-land exhibition of Floating Library books was packed all night, and the focus of the live drawers (young and old) was captivating.

People made so many drawings we ran out of paper! And we drained the keg!

Big thanks to Jonathan Loyche for being the night’s documentarian and tech assistant. See more snaps here.

Biggest thanks to everyone to came and to your generosity that allowed us to reach our fundraising goal for the night. This, in addition to an MRAC grant the Library was awarded back in January, brings me very close to my overall fundraising goal of $10,000 necessary for Knight Foundations 1:1 match.

I have only $3,000 left to raise!  This is slightly more cash than I can find under the couch cushions so I’ve put up an online campaign. Take a look at the fancy perks –waterproof library card! a boat ride in the Sea Clamp! — and give if you can. And share with those you know who love books on water.

Many, many thanks.