the Books

The materials featured at the Floating Library are books and other printed matter made by artists. What does that mean? It means you’ll find treasures ranging in form from photocopied zines to letterpress printed pamphlets to hand-stitched bindings to commercially printed volumes to objects that look more like sculptures than books. Some of them are made to last forever, some will fade and tear with time, some are designed for the unique environment of a lake-based library.

Just over 100 books are part of the 2016 collection on view on Lake Phalen in July and August.  These include new books commissioned specifically for the Floating Library by four artists: Aaron Johnson-Ortiz, Caitlin Warner, Tou Yia Xiong and Martine Workman.

Other works in the collection are contributed by artists and writers near and far. Some favorites from years past will be available for viewing on Lake Phalen.

New this year: an online catalog! Thanks to and Co-Captain and legit librarian Lacey Prpic Hedtke, we have an online database of the 2016 collection. Search by tags, title, artist, or cover image or simply peruse the “stacks” from a weather-neutral spot on land.



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