We’re reading on land this summer.


Dear floaters and readers,

This is an unprecedentedly late update to inform you that the Floating Library is taking a hiatus for the summer of 2019. There is a lot going on in life! Job changes and store openings and much-needed vacations and lack of funds (lack of energy for fundraising, tbh) all contribute to keeping the Library in dry dock this season.

Our wish is that you don’t let the lack of the Floating Library stop you from floating and reading.  You don’t need us!  The boat rental is there and waiting for you already!  Any book will do, or you could drop by a couple of the fantastic shops in town who peddle in artist books and pick up a copy of something:

Just don’t forget a ziploc bag to transport your reading from shore to waves and back.

While you are paddling and reading this summer, please stay in touch. If you have hopes, dreams or ideas for the future of the Floating Library, we want to know about them. Drop a line to thefloatinglibrary@gmail.com.

Thank you for your love and understanding.


Books in photo above left to right in a circle:
Plant out of Place, from BRAINWASHING from PHONE TOWERS, 2019 by Sarah Nicholls; Settlement by Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz, 2018; METEORITES by S. Brook Corfman from Double Cross Press, 2018; Rebound Restart Renew Rebuild Rejoice by Timothy Otte, 2019 from Lithic Press; This is a Church by Alex Pears, 2019 via Zebra Cat Zebra monthly subscription.


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