Call for Artists’ Books and Printed Matter: OPEN NOW!



Submit your books here!

Book artists, zinesters, small press publishers, graphic designers, chapbook-penning poets, and printed matter-makers of all stripes are invited to submit materials for circulation on at this lake-based library.



Intent to participate / description of materials: DUE JULY 18

Notification of acceptance: JULY 23

(Due to considerations of space, not all entries may be accepted.)

Materials delivered by AUGUST 9  (Address for mailing materials will be sent via email)

Floating Library dates:

August 16 – 17, Cedar Lake, Minneapolis

August 23 – 24, Cedar Lake, Minneapolis

August 30 – 31, Cedar Lake, Minneapolis

September 12 – 13, Lake Winona, Winona, MN

Hours: TBD


Materials returned (what of them remain) by: SEPTEMBER 30


To submit a proposal, please use this handy form here.

Questions?  Email:


What are we looking for?

Artists’ books and printed matter addressing any themes. Multiple copies are welcome but not necessary.  Works designed especially for a lake-based library are encouraged (waterproof pages, designed to get wet, etc.) but given the short call time, existing projects are welcome.

Because of space constraints on the Library’s raft, some submissions may not be accepted.  Works that are truly inappropriate for a library on a public lake that serves everyone will not be accepted.


PLEASE NOTE that by submitting your materials for access on the Floating Library you acknowledge that any of these things may happen to your printed matter:

  • extensive water damage
  • stepped on at the bottom of a canoe
  • sand between the pages
  • borrowed and never returned
  • returned in mint condition after being enjoyed by many people

In other words, we don’t recommend sending the only copy of your most precious fine press book for inclusion in this project.


How does it work?

The Floating Library is a custom-designed raft with bookshelves built to hold printed matter for perusal and check out on the water. Folks in canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, skiffs, rowboats, or even inner tubes are invited to paddle up to the Library and browse the shelves from inside their watercraft. Protective covers on the shelves do their best to keep materials dry.

Library materials will be cataloged by artist name and subject and will be featured here on the project blog.  On the water, the Floating Library will be staffed by friendly floating librarians who facilitate the check out system and make reading suggestions.

The check-out and return system is honor-based, but it’s Minnesota (land of volunteerism and participatory civic engagement) so we hope for the best in this regard.  All lending and give away materials will be transported in waterproof bags.

Boating and beaching patrons may return their materials to the Floating Library or at book deposit boxes at various locations to be determined.


Questions?  Email


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